JIVA Pharma is founded and led by long-time industry veteran Dr. Om P. Goel. Dr. Goel has dedicated his life to discovering therapies that meet the everyday needs for people of the world.

For over 30 years, Dr. Goel has been committed to research and development in a variety of therapeutic areas.  Most notably, he was a leader of Chemical Development at Pfizer Global Research and Development where he contributed to the chemical development and synthesis of over 150 compounds tested in clinics, including anti-infectives, anti-cancer compounds, ACE inhibitors, and cognition  enhancing drugs.

Dr. Goel’s other experiences span leadership positions at Parke, Davis & Co. and Warner-Lambert. 

Dr. Goel received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry and chemical engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University.  He has reviewed for the Journal of Organic Chemistry and Organic Preparations and Procedures, International.  His honors include American Petroleum Institute Fellow, Gulf Oil Fellow, National Science Foundation Fellow, Warner Lambert Award 1988 for the development of LOPID, and he is cited in the Merck Index.      

Dr. Goel is a highly-reputed leader in both the science industry and his community

JIVA Pharma is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan and was recognized as a 2013 Excellence Award recipient by the U.S. Trade & Commerce Institute (USTCI).